WANNABE MAGAZINE: Natali, congrats for you for being a mother. We would like you to tell us, how can you handle that roll of mother? Based on your photos, we can get conclusion that you really enjoy and love your little baby.

Natali Thanou: Being a mother is the most fascinating things that ever happened to me , and i am enjoying every minute of it ! It s a miracle and this love can not compare with anything else . He is just perfect

After childbirth, you got your perfect body shape back very quickly.Can you reveal us what’s your secret of having amazing body again and give us some advices about that?

I can say i am really lucky since i haven’t done any diets , but i tried to walk a lot during my pregnancy , drink a lot of water , and after my birth- since i m breastfeeding – it helped me as we’ll ..

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Song “PARTY IN MYKONOS” feat. Rico Bernasconi & Sommer K. is absolutely amazing. We can see that song would be an awesome summer hit. Videospot is also great. Can you reveals what experiences do you have by doing that song and video?

Filming that video was an amazing experience , exciting , since Mykonos is my favorite island – i knew all the places we filmed and i felt quite comfortable, the crew from Germany was amazing and we did a hell of a party in Paradise , Mykonos , the beach club was packed during our show – and i think that energy was transmitted to a video !

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You’re always dressed very nice. Who are your favorite fashion designers? We would also like to know do you have a stylist?

My fav.designers are Marc Jacobs , Alexander Mc Queen , Karl Lagerfeld ..

Do you have any others interests except singing?

I love dancing and writing as well !

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You travel a lot because of the job you’re doing. What’s your favorite destination?

I traveled a lot and i love many places , one of my fav. Is Miami ..

Aleksandra Grujić– Student menadžmenta na Fakultetu za uslužni biznis. Obožava svoje roditelje, putovanja i šoping. Veoma zainteresovana za menadžment, arhitekturu, dizajn i knjige. Trenutno piše svoju prvu knjigu i uživa u kreiranju priče i igranju rečima. Smatra da svaka osoba može da voli druge samo onda ako voli sebe. Voleti sebe znači biti zadovoljan sobom i biti kompletna ličnost, dok to opet znači biti ostvaren na svim poljima u životu. Stoga smatra da svako treba neprestano da radi na sebi, kako na svom obrazovanju i ponašanju, tako i na svom izgledu.

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