Posetiti, recimo, 50 zemalja je veoma impresivno. Mislim, koliko ste ih u životu posetili vi? Posetiti, pak, 100 zemalja bilo bi još impresivnije. A posetiti svih 196 zemalja na kugli zemaljskoj bilo bi… Ono… Speechless! Dodajte na ovo i mogućnost da budete prvi, ženski, najmlađi i najbrži turista koji je posetio svako “ćoše” planete… Uh, prilično neverovatno, zar ne?

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This is my "mad man" pre-planning of #Expedition196 over a year ago. Original map and all! I just thought that you all might be interested to know the stats since the start of the Expedition. In the past 6⃣4⃣ days, I've traveled to 2⃣5⃣ countries and flown 3⃣2⃣ times. That's an average of 2⃣.5⃣ days in each country. While that seems like an extremely short amount of time to be in each country, I've been in some countries longer than I've been in others. For instance, I was in New Zealand for 5 days but visited both the North and South Island, but was in Qatar for only 1 full day on a layover (will be going back in the spring). How am I feeling? In one word, exhausted. Also stressed. But I'm optimistic for the continued journey and outcome of the Expedition. I'm not kidding when I say that I'm overwhelmed with work in organizing all of the meetings with the students and leaders, but overwhelmed in a good way! 😊 I've made great time on this trip so far in regards to the Guinness World Record attempt. I planned this trip while giving myself 6 months leeway time just in case situations arise. So right now, I'm on a 7 day work break where I'm re-organizing everything and getting ready for the next 3 months until Christmas. Europe has the most Skal chapter presence, so organizing the meetings has been very taxing on my end, which is why I need a week to ensure everything is properly and professionally organized. If I seem a bit absent in the next week, it's because I've got my head buried in emails. Thanks for your patience in advance! ✈️🌎 • • • #CarpeDiem

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Ali, upravo ovo čudo je pošlo za rukom Kasandri de Pekol koja sa svega 27 godina već ima ovo “priznanje”. Da, ona je prva, najmlađa i najbrža žena ikad koja je posetila baš svaku zemlju na planeti! Wow, svaka čast!