Edward Maya is Romanian musician, music producer, composer and DJ. All these professions show Edward’s huge love to music. His first song “Stereo Love” (which became a worldwide hit) made him very famous. His other huge hits “This is my life”, “Desert Rain” and “Mono in Love” are confirmation of Edward’s music quality.

Get to know him by reading this interview.

WANNABE MAGAZINE: Your music has a sensual touch and your voice is very tender. You make an amazing combination of electronic and house music mixed with traditional Balkan notes. What inspires you to make such an amazing music?

Edward Maya: My inspiration : a moment in life, a memory, a person, a feeling, a lost love, a new love…depends I guess.

You have several professions: musician, music producer, composer and DJ. Could you name one of them as your favorite profession, even if they are all based on making music? 

Music producer, I love to create new sounds, lyrics, etc

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Around 2006 you worked with many other Romanian artists such as Akcent, Vika Jigulina, Blaxy Girls etc. But in 2009 you launched your first own song named “Stereo Love”. “Stereo Love” is an amazing song and a worldwide hit. Music video for that song has on YouTube around 200.000.000 views. People all around the world adore it. Instant success that you made is amazing. But, was it hard to achieve expectations of the audience for your next songs after such a great hit?

Very hard, but I have my fans and my family by my side who believe in me and for that I am trying each and every day to not disappoint them.

You have performances all around the world. Could you tell us something about your U.S tour 2013?

The tour will start on September 11, and will be until around 20 September. Cities like Detroit, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Florida etc

Have you ever been in Serbia? You have a lot of fans here and we would like you to make a concert here. Is Serbia maybe one of countries on your future tour list?

I never been in Serbia, hope to have at least one show there until the end of 2013.

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Could you tell us something about your new single “Mono in Love” feat Vika Jigulina?

It’s the 4th single together with Vika Jigulina and with this song I finished my first album, the next song will be something new, something better than what I made until now.

Except music, do you have any other interests and hobbies?

Yoga, it’s like my thing. It’s very relaxing for a person that sleeps 3 hours/day, movies, family time…like every usual person.

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What are your next career plans?

A new hit song, a new album and a year full of concerts all around the world.

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