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Wannabe Inteview: Broken Cookies

Wannabe Inteview: Broken Cookies

Hundreds of blogs are opened every day, but only a few is worth the attention. One of such illustrious blogs is “Broken Cookies” which represents incredible mix of fashion, art and creativity.

WANNABE MAGAZINE: How did the name of your blog “Broken Cookies” come about?
BROKEN COOKIES: When we thought about a name for our blog, we wanted it to describe us and to be interesting and remarkable. As we are broken and we really love cookies, “Broken Cookies” turned out to be the prefect choice.

broken cookies for modeblock 3 Wannabe Inteview: Broken Cookies

David is author of blog "Broken Cookies"

How did it happen that you decided to do a blog together?

We are a couple for over five years now and during this time we took so many photos, did so many illustrations, designs and other artwork that we thought it is about time to share it with the rest of the world rather then just keep it for ourselves. As it turned out that people are very interested in what we are doing, it gave us additional motivation and we kept on blogging.

broken cookies for modeblock 5 Wannabe Inteview: Broken Cookies

Sabinna and David are a couple for over five years

What is the biggest challenge about blogging?

The biggest challenge is time management. But it’s really nice to blog with someone together, like in our case, we share the work and everything gets done faster. Still you need to take your time to keep a certain quality level and to come up with new ideas.

How would you describe your own personal style?

Sabinna: I like to dress very feminine with a touch of sportiness. My biggest addiction are wedges and jewellery. I also love to wear a lot of rings, especially the very heavy ones.

David: I dress very classical to feel comfortable in my clothes. I don’t like to mix to many colours but I am definitely into cool prints, especially on t-shirts and sweaters. I also collect watches and I have them in almost every colour.

sabinna david broken cookies blog 4 Wannabe Inteview: Broken Cookies

She likes to dress very feminine with a touch of sportiness

What are your wish lists for this year?

Our wishlists are always endless! But we would definitely love to travel to Asia this year. Somewhere warm and exotic. In case of fashion, we are both currently looking for a good pair of summer shoes. Sabinna is also looking out for a good feminine suit, so if you have any ideas where to get one, please let us know.
sabinna david broken cookies london fashion week day 4 12 Wannabe Inteview: Broken Cookies

He doesn’t like to mix to many colours but he likes cool prints

Who are your favorite designers and why?

We love Hussein Chalayan for his prefectly sophisticated shapes and a great choice of colour. Also Raf Simons and Gareth Pugh are amazing. Unfortunately their clothes are very expensive, so the brands we prefer shopping at are Topshop, Topman and Urban Outfitters.

Any advice for anyone who wants to start her/his own blog?

There are so many blogs out there, so it’s really important that you come up with an inventive concept for your blog. Also make sure to post on a regular base and don’t forget to have fun!

Dragana Katić je student prava, autor bloga Oh la la i ljubitelj starih holivudskih filmova. Voli istoriju, modu i svoje prijatelje. Sve ono što smatra da je lepo ušuškava na stranice svog bloga.

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