Sabrina Tassini is a lover of Italian fashion and vintage things. Meet Sabrina!

WANNABE MAGAZINE: Hi, Sabrina! How did the name of your blog “Patchwork à Porter” come about?

SABRINA: I know this title isn’t so easy to understand, I was looking for one that was closely related to my philosophy of life. The word “Patchwork” literally means “work with the pieces” and the second part “à Porter” means “to wear”. What distinguishes us the most is that many different pieces of our personality can be assembled and worn just like changing clothes depending on the mood.

IMG 33931 Wannabe Interview: Sabrina Tassini

The editor of the popular blog

How would you describe your own personal style?

I usually wear clothes depending on my daily mood so up to now I love mixing rock items with vintage or more bon ton ones. However, summer is approaching and during this time I like boho chic style. Then from recently, I have become fascinated by the grunge and underground culture so I try to experiment and adapt it to my personal taste. Perfection is just a state of mind so I like to subvert the idea of having always to be impeccable. I find my style versatile ‘cause I love to change and always try new combinations.

What is the biggest challenge about your fashion blogging?

I think the biggest challenge for a blogger is to inspire and move forward positive messages, trying to interact with the readers as much as possible. Bloggers are friends, a sociable voice that suggests and talks to others in a useful dialogue and enriches both parties. Personally I would share my passion with other fashion addicts, but also remind all that perfection isn’t the most important thing so let’s cultivate a personal style and a respectful interaction of ideas and opinions. We are all special in our defects and bloggers are the absolute proof of this, not being models but only “ordinary people”. Our uniqueness is the most fashionable trend!

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Our uniqueness is the most fashionable trend

What do you do when you’re not blogging?

Outside of blogging I am a student in communication and marketing, insanely fashion addicted, art lover and crazy globetrotter. I have an excessive passion for NYC and cakes and at bottom I’m a little nerd, I like blogging every time I get a chance, drinking tea and I am addicted to my tablet. Ironically, I call myself “glam nerd”, always being between fashion shows and university books, cocktails and PC, shopping and studying, moving among Bologna where I live during exam period and Milan where I stay during events and fashion weeks.

Who or what has been your greatest fashion influence?

Undoubtedly, my mum and grandma. They both love to discover new boutiques. My house was always full of new clothing and accessories, like a fairy tale, in my free time I thumbed through fashion magazines which I found at home and cut out fashion pictures, then reassembling the pieces as I liked the most. Every room was full of my collages and still every single item in their wardrobe is a unique inspiration for me. I use them for my outfits and I’ll never stop to do so.

IMG 25362 Wannabe Interview: Sabrina Tassini

Fashion is lifestyle

Which current fashion trends do you like and dislike the most at the moment?

First of all, I want to clarify that following a trend doesn’t mean passively enduring it, but adapting it to our personal taste, said that, the season trends I prefer the most are undoubtedly pastel colors for which I have a great passion, I love peplum dresses, hippie chic maxi dresses and handmade perforated clothes, and some studs don’t spoil a rock look. If total white dominats this summer, next winter will be marked by total black, and I quote both of them.

As the creator of “Patchwork à Porter”, where do you see the site in 5 years time?

I usually don’t make long-term projects because I like to live in the present. I haven’t thought yet about how, when and why I should continue blogging, but I just know that this still is one of my biggest passions for a long time. Five years from now, I hope to find my role in fashion world and I hope my blog will evolve with me adapting to my momentary needs. One thing is certain: I’d like to keep it as a space of sharing, a little place where I could escape from routine no matter if it’s about outfits or words only… only time will tell.

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