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@yogaglo su online časovi joge, meditacije i pilatesa koje drže svetski poznati profesori. Potrebno je da se registruješ na njihov sajt i dobijaš dve nedelje besplatnih časova. Takođe, pružaju trikove i savete za postavljanje svakodnevnih rutina koje uključuju dremanje i disanje.

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There’s something about the vastness of the ocean that calls us to its depths, inviting us to dive deep within ourselves to connect with our own truth, to open up to our own authenticity. There’s something about swimming around past our shallows, something about letting go of our earth-bound legs and our logical minds that has, at one point or another, allowed the image of the Mermaid to creep into almost all our psyches at some point in our lives. Mermaid pose makes us feel just that—open. Its “Z” shaped foundation creates a wide-open, stable seat. Staying grounded through our sit bones allows us to reach, move, twist, and glide around, exploring exactly which part of our side body enjoys being stretched the most. We know we need to be careful not to arch our back too much and to keep our shoulder blades down, but once in a while, it takes us over. Then we fold crossways and down and counterpose it with a forward bending twisty movement, all as if we were a Mermaid darting this way and that. Mostly, we keep in mind that there really is no perfect way to do this pose as long as it is safe, feels good, and facilitates us being more open than we were before. Mermaid pose makes us feel so fluid we imagine we could just swim away… #pilates #pilatesposes #pilateslife #josephpilates #matpilates #pilatesvibes #pilatesteacher #pilatesinstructor #pilateseveryday #pilateseverydamnday #pilateseverywhere #pilatesreformer #pilateslovers #pilatesbody #pilatesstudio #pilatesonline #pilatesstrong #pilatescommunity #pilatesfitness #pilatescadillac #pilatesworkout #pilatestraining #pilatesinspiration

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Jessamyn Stanley lansirala je streaming platformu pod nazivom Underbelly Yoga koja se fokusira na inkluzivne prakse koje se zalažu za body positivity. Sada možeš krenuti na put dvonedeljnog free programa ili možeš iskoristiti neke od zanimljivih saveta sa ovog Instagram profila.


@beachyogagirl Kerri Verna je joga instruktorka koja nudi raznovrsne free časove, ali i mogućnost učlanjenja. Neke od njenih vežbi podrazumevaju rekvizite kao što su trake i lopta, ali većinu ćeš moći da izvedeš bez bilo kakve prateće opreme. Free časove potraži na njenom YouTube kanalu.

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Last month I hosted the #2020ResetChallenge 👉🏻 30 days of consistency on your #yogamat. ⠀ Thank you to all who joined my #BYGMETHOD and participated! It was so amazing and encouraging to see your posts each day here in Instagram and in the private Facebook group. ⠀ Although this challenge wasn’t for prizes, two amazing companies to raffle off some of their fun #Yogaprops to my challenge participants. ⠀ @baseblocks has these amazing #yogablocks that have handle that attach to use like partallette bars. These are great for yoga poses like L-sit or #lolasana and many other training exercises. Pretty rad invention! ⠀ @dyna_pro makes high quality exercise equipment that you can trust. From large exercise balls to power bands they make home workouts accessible for all. ⠀ This is not a paid post – just sharing two brands that I think are pretty amazing! Please give them a follow!🎉 ⠀ On to the winners… Winners of the Dynapro package of workout equipment: @darcy.beau @snowflakeyoga ⠀ Winners of the Base Blocks: @campeiseugenie @kristy_yoga55 @theexpandinglotus ⠀ CONGRATULATIONS! 🎊 Please contact me via DM to claim your prizes! ⠀ PS: new #StabilityBall program and challenge coming in March! Stay tuned!

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Kino MacGregor sa svojim pratiocima deli slike sa sunčanih plaža u najrazličitijim zahtevnim joga pozama. Na njenom YouTube kanalu možeš naći besplatne časove, zato požuri na vežbanje.

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Spend your time building a good foundation and then let everything else flower from that. So many people just aim for the stars without setting up the basics. It happens in yoga practice all the time. When learning Pinchamayurasana almost everyone tries to kick up and balance right away. But the foundational work can best be understood with a long hold in Dolphin Pose. We think somehow that just pushing through will make it happen. But in reality, the body, like many things in life, responds best when the basics are solid and strong. My advice to you is not to rush or force anything. Instead take your time and allow things to happen at their own pace. Show up and put in the work but don’t expect results to appear in any particular time. Be humble enough to quietly persist with full faith in the big picture. _ Day 8 #yogadrillschallenge is Dolphin Pose. Practice with me a full length #yogadrills session on @omstarsofficial and a pose tutorial on my YouTube channel. _ #yoga #yogi #kinoyoga #omstars #bestrong Outfit @liquidoactive Photo @ifilmyoga 💗

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