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Editor of blog "Oh My Vogue"

Henar is one of the world’s most popular fashion blogger. She is a dentist, but fashion is her passion. Meet the author of the blog “Oh My Vogue”.

WANNABE MAGAZINE: Hi, Henar! How did the name of your blog Oh My Vogue come about?

HENAR: Do you know that feeling when you go shopping or while leafing through a fashion magazine and you spot something you really love or ‘need’? That’s the moment in which you can use this phrase, it’s the “oh my God” expression for fashionists. It’s something funny I’ve been saying for years, among those who know me it’s something very ‘me’, so it had to be the name of my blog. And that’s the feeling I always try to cause in my readers when I post something new on my blog, something that inspires them and make them say, “OhMyVogue!, I really like that”.

How would you describe your own personal style?

I don’t have a unique, well-defined style. I take fashion as something to have fun with, so one day I can be a rocker girl, and dress like a romantic lady the next one. I just dress the way I feel that day, always wearing the clothes and accessories I feel more comfortable with depending on my mood or my daily inspirations. But whatever is the result, the emotion that moves me to create any outfit and what I always try to reflect is the effortless elegance. That’s what I like to see, so that’s what I like to offer.

What is the biggest challenge about your fashion blogging?

Finding time to blog, and of course finding material that is worth to blog. I try to post as frequently as I can, but I’m also a Dentist. My career in Dentristry and of course my fashion blogging are both too important to me and complete me as a person and as a professional, so I can’t resign any of them in benefit of the other. I just need days to be 40 hours long!

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For her fashion is like fun

If one day lasted 40 hours, what else would you use your time for?

I’d sleep 15 of them. Sleeping is one of the things I love the most. And I love going to the movies and reading long, long novels, and some times because of my other obligations I cannot dedicate them as much time as I’d like to. And of course, I’d blog everyday!

Tell us about your collection of shoes and designer bags and which are your favorites.

Designer shoes and bags are my passion and I have some, some that I only wore once, but there they are in my closet waiting to be worn again and being part of my precious collection. Knowing that they are there, I’m happy. I have some pieces from Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Carolina Herrera, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino …  Among my favorites, you can find a pair of amazing Lady Peep shoes by Christian Louboutin in black patent leather, and a black Birkin I use to borrow from my mum, she’s the owner of some amazing pieces I use to wear. And I really want the collection to grow soon with some Alexander McQueen love!

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Her blog is visited by many fashion lovers

You were on the catwalk! Tell us abut that experience.

Past September I was chosen as one of the models of the fashionshow organized for the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week closure, called Cool People. This is the most important and international fashion week in Spain, so I was truly excited and honored to be asked to take part in it. I knew I was going to be on the catwalk just a couple of days before the show, I had never been on a catwalk before and I didn’t know what to wear, but in the end I have to say I had the best time there. I met a lot of lovely followers of my blog that gave me tons of love and supporting words,  everyone on the show was extremely kind to me, and though the show took place in a city that wasn’t mine and my friends couldn’t be there, I couldn’t believe my ears when I put my foot on the catwalk and my followers started to shout, clap and cheer me up, it was so encouraging, I love them for that. My veins were pure adrenaline at that moment. It was really, really amazing.

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Often we can see her ih the classic pieces of clothing

Also you were presented a sunglasses line by Esprit for this S/S ’11 season. How do you like that part od blog world – being a model, and actor also?

Modelling and acting are very complicated creative processes, but if you work on something you really believe in you just have to be yourself and enjoy the experience, I have to say it’s so satisfactory and easy going.  Among the collaboration offers I receive daily I take part only in those that I think can really make me grow as a person and as a blogger, I give the best of myself only to projects that are worth the effort. I think that is one of the reasons fashion bloggers are so important nowadays. We are the intermediates between brands and  buyers, we are ‘real people’ and not inaccessible models in the pages of a magazine, we know what people want to get, and we can offer such a world of possibilities and ideas for creatives and customers all over the world. I love and I feel lucky to be part of this blogging universe. I have learnt a lot about myself thanks to the opportunities some brands gave me, and I really got to know myself and to know what I can do.

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