Dragi ljubitelji mačaka napokon je stigao jedan tekst koji će vas, mi se nadamo, oduševiti, razgaliti i pre svega zabaviti. Neka istraživanja su pokazala da su mace najbolji kućni ljubimci, i da, sada ljubitelji pasa se mršte, a vi likujete, a ako vam vlasnik nekog drugog kućnog ljubimca sada protivureči, vi koji obožavate mačke slobodno mu pokažite ove argumente.

Vlasnici mačaka su inteligentniji

Istraživanja su pokazala da vlasnici mačaka imaju u proseku viši IQ od vlasnika pasa. Naravno, neće te mačka učiniti inteligentnijom ni bistrijom, ali pretpostavlja se da inteligentniji ljudi rade duže i samim tim imaju manje vremena za svoje kućne ljubimce, a mačke zahtevaju manje pažnje.

Mačkoljupci su skromniji i bolji ljudi

Vlasnici mačaka su u proseku introvertniji i povučeniji od vlasnika pasa. Ako imaš mačku složićeš se sa tvrdnjom da su ljubitelji ove životinje skromniji i nisu skloni manipulacijama. Što je osobina koju veliki broj ljudi i te kako ceni.

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"My ex-boyfriend actually found Maloos last summer on Craigslist. He picked her up from a Russian family on Staten Island when I was on vacation with my family in Cape Cod—I remember I was sipping lukewarm Pinot Grigio by a lake with my mom when I got the text that he had found a Scottish Fold kitten I needed to see, that we needed to have her. In the video that convinced me (granted, I didn’t need much convincing) she was about the size of a hand, using her claws to drag herself around that family’s living room rug like some sort of crazed feline Spiderman. We named her Maloos after my dad’s first cat, a Persian kitten also worthy of the Farsi word for “lovable” or “charming.” Loo for short. We hadn’t even fully discussed or decided on getting a cat, but in that hopeful breed of hazy summer love we took the leap. We recently broke up, and honestly at times I found it hard to snuggle Loo without thinking about him too much. I felt guilty about this conflicted, uneasy feeling for a while. I needed to bury my head in her belly, but whenever she’d look at me with her giant owl eyes I’d remember how we used to discuss if the shade of brown she had as a kitten would ever go Halloween-orange-bright like her dad’s. They did. I wanted to hold her between my knees and massage her pillow-soft cheeks, but whenever I did I could picture him doing the same, and it sent pangs through my still-raw chest. My tears would drop down on her head, and the water-lover that she is, she’d look up at me half-hoping it’d turn into a full-fledged bath. These days, that sadness hasn’t yet faded, but I’m able to let it become absorbed in our history—knowing where she came from and the phases we’ve been through together makes me love her all the more. She is hopeful love, she is inevitable change, she is me learning to cope. She is a leap of faith, a reliable confidant, and a reminder of both the brilliant innocence of potent love and its ultimate impermanence. She’s a reminder that we come out on the other side okay. She is my tiny constant love, and she is always there to meow me out of bed in the morning.” @ilanayasmine @cheekymaloos . . #girlsandtheircats #scottishfold #catlovers

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