During interview arrangement with very popular Romanian band “Akcent”, there were three members of the band: Adrian, Sorin and Mihai. However, within a few days, Sorin and Mihai have left the band. So, the only one who’s still the member is Adrian and we made an interview just with him.

Adrian Sînă, founder of the band named “Akcent”, now as the only member of the band will continue to perform under the well-known band name “Akcent”. In this interview, he reveals us many spicy things, such as breakup of the band, his future plans and many other things.

WANNABE MAGAZINE: Adrian, you started the group Akcent in 1999 so you are a member of the band the longest period of time. Some other members have come and gone, but you’ve been the member of the group since the beginning. Have the changes of members influenced the music style and how do the new songs differ from your older material?

Adrian Sînă (Akcent): I started Akcent in 1999 together with another female vocal, Ramona, that’s right. We have released an album together and we had 2 number 1 hits in Romania off that album. The boy-band era started in late 2001 and it took Akcent to a new level, our first album sold more than 130.000 units and received a Platinum Award shortly after its release. During the 14 years of Akcent existence, our releases covered different sub-genres of pop-dance music and the music has always been influenced by our travels and cultures encountered rather than members of the band, as I have always been a contributor to the Akcent music one way or another, while along the way in the Akcent career, Marius was the only other member involved in the songwriting.

We are informed that Sorin Brotnei and Mihai Gruia just have left the band. Could you tell us what happened?

It’s a long story and my intention is not to bash anyone, I simply felt betrayed lately. Besides this, sometimes you feel the need for a change and I guess this was a bit overdue for Akcent in order for the act to evolve. I have been involved 100% in the AKCENT project from day one and I am not ready to give up such a successful story now, after 14 years and so many achievements just because people are not ready to go further on their work.

How did you come up with the band name?

I am originally from Transylvania, northern part of Romania. We speak the same Romanian language as the rest of the people, but our accent is different and you can instantly notice when someone comes from that part. At that time I was working as a radio DJ and my colleagues always made fun of my particular accent. This is how I came up with the name.

What is your hometown and do the people back at home support you?

My hometown is Baia Mare, it’s a small town up north in Romania, close to the Hungarian and Ukrainian border. I have a lot of support from the people in my town, even if the town is so small, I can definitely say that besides going there to visit, we’ve been invited to perform there at least 4 times a year, which is fantastic in my opinion.

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Adrian described himself as ambitious

If you were to describe yourself in simple word choice, what would you say?


Do you have any other hobbies besides, obviously, making music?

Music is my life, it’s always been a part of it and I can’t imagine myself doing something else. It’s more than a hobby actually, it’s my way of living. I’ve been a radio and club DJ since I was 16 years old, then in the past 14 years I’ve been an artist, composer and producer for Akcent and many other Romanian artists – such as Sandra N, Ruxandra Bar, Lora, Roller Sis and many more. Besides all this, I’ve studied acting so I’m not sure it counts as a hobby either. I do love to travel, see new places, meet new people and understand different cultures.

The international hit singles “That’s My Name”, “Stay with Me” and “Lovers Cry” were all produced by you. Adrian, what inspired you to make such an amazing songs which have became a worldwide hits?

They are all inspired by personal experiences in my life and the travels to new places we discovered when our first English-language tracks became known and played internationally – “Kylie”, “Jokero”, “King of Disco”.

Could you tell us something about your popularity and tour in the U.S? What is the difference between European and American audience?

We’ve had a few songs popular in the U.S. clubs, the latest one was “My Passion” which was also airplayed on many dance radio stations, this is why we have been invited to have a short tour in the U.S. last year and Akcent will probably have one more tour in the coming months. The audience was very warm everywhere, I can definitely say that music unites us all no matter where we are and where we are from!

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He looks forward to performing in Serbia again

You have been in Serbia. Your performances in Belgrade and Novi Sad were spectacular. How do you like the Serbian audience and do you plan to come in Serbia again?

Thank you! Yes, we have been to Serbia a few times and I look forward to performing in Serbia again, the audience was really great and responsive to Akcent music, I was surprised that they knew even the lyrics of the songs that were not released as singles.

We would like to know what are your future plans, upcoming releases and tours?

I just released a new single for the Romanian audience in Romanian language today, “Nu ma tem de ea”. In a few weeks I will release a new Akcent dance track for the international market which I hope everyone will like as the sound will be different to what we’ve done before. Also, there is another project I am working on right now, a movie theme for an Indian blockbuster which should be released early 2014.

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